The Great Outdoors Activities!



Great outdoors activities! The warmer, sunny weather has us outside on the daily and we’ve been having so much fun with some creative outdoor activities. 🌿

I rounded up our fave books that are perfect for learning about what we can explore outside and some activity books! Usborne activity books have fun prompts to do while you explore with your little ones. I paired the books with a set of binoculars and a magnifying glass for Hudson to explore with. This outdoor basket has been a HUGE hit and I know it will be used well as head into Summer! ☀️


Activity Books and Activities:

We have dozens of incredible nature and outdoor books to keep kids curious, creative, and engaged. Take your favorites to the park, beach, mountains, or on a hike, road trip, or camping trip to get out of the house and help kids connect what they’re reading to real-life examples.

What fun Summer activities do you have planned?

Thinking about taking your little ones to the local park or outdoors for an adventure? Invite some friends, grab your binoculars and have so much fun enjoying the great outdoors!

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The Great Outdoors Activities!


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