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Every year for our anniversary Lee and I adventure to San Diego. My Husband attended 4 years of college in SD and after he graduated he moved back to Fresno because it was too expensive to stay. I always jokingly ask how he could leave such a beautiful place but I know I sure am thankful he came back to Fresno!

This year we did a lot of exploring in North Park. I’m certain if we ever moved to SD we would be living in Northpark! Such a cute little area with adorable shops and so much charm. We ran into a few friends while in town and they literally ALL told me I had to go to Northpark. We arrived on a Thursday and our flight was about 45 min which is amazing! Out first stop was of course my Hubs FAVORITE breakfast spot in SD the Original Pancake House.

We even found ourselves at the Thursday night Farmers Market and I was introduced to the cutest shop, Pigment. A curated shop with goods, plants and a space for workshops!

We usually stay at the Alumni house where my Husband graduated from college but this time around we didn’t book in time! So we stayed at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.  Beautiful views and the pool was amazing!

We visit SD annually usually around our anniversary and this year we decided to go on a hot air balloon ride! I’m really afraid of heights so you would think i was terrified. But, we had so much fun! Such a cool think to experience and see all the amazing views!

Our favorite spots were:

+ Holy Matcha

+ Liberty Station – Cutest spot with shops and we had brunch at Breakfast Republic. We sat and enjoyed some Iced coffee on the large lawn area. Then headed over to Moniker General for a quick look at their shop! Loved everything in their curated shop!

Communal Coffee. Coffee shop with a floral shop inside. Basically my idea of heaven.

+ Tribute Pizza

+ Hectors. (BEST Breakfast Burritos)

+ Miguels. Best white queso and margaritas. hands down.

Any plans to visit SD? I’d love to hear your fave spots! Comment below and share!




San Diego, CA | Travel Guide


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