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I’ve shared a bit about Usborne books before and how I’m a sales consultant with this amazing company. We truly fell in love with their children’s books and I decided to join and share my love for these quality, educational titles.

Honestly, we love them all, these books are HIGHLY engaging & Hudson can’t resist them— from sticker books to picture books, chapter books to seek & find, lift-the-flap to touchy-feely these books were created with thought, depth, care & consideration for children’s developmental needs, so it’s nearly impossible to select favorites, but here is my best shot at what we love the most. (PS I have been able to acquire the majority of our UBAM library for FREE or heavily discounted as a consultant if you are curious check out my FAQs here & holler with any questions about the consultant gig!)

What makes these books different (in my opinion) is how interactive and engaging they are. They really make learning fun! While I love putting together wishlists for families, I wanted to put all of our favorites here in one place, organized by age and subject for easy browsing!

Thank you so much for any & all support of my small business.

For the Babies

Board Book Collection: Easy to hold board books for tiny hands! These classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales are retold in beautifully illustrated little board books, which provide excitement for very young children. Not only are they great for building your book collection but they make wonderful gifts! I love to add a couple board books to shower gifts! You really can’t beat the price.

Very First Lift-A-Flap Series: Little ones LOVE these flap books! Helps build motor skills and engages them with flaps in a “peek-a-boo” way.

That’s Not My…. Series – You’ve probably seen this touch & feel series before, I share them a lot! Usborne has nearly every animal (and other characters) so there’s bound to be a favorite of your child in the collection. Our family LOVES these books, and Hudson really enjoys “reading them”. Whenever we have playdates these books get pulled out fast!

“Are You There Little…” Peek Through Series: We love these! Hudson is a huge fan of this peek through series, the illustrations are just gorgeous. A little animal is hiding in the book; can you find him? Die-cut shapes give glimpses of things that turn out to be something altogether different when you turn the page: for example an elephant’s trunk turns out to be a snake. Children will love the surprise element of turning the pages until, finally at the last page, the hiding animal is revealed!

Baby’s First Playbook Series: Beautiful, bright, engaging illustrations on each page! Great for introducing words to expand vocabulary! These books will engage even a baby’s attention, and as babies grow, they will love to trace their fingers around the tactile finger trails.

Baby’s First Slide & See Series: Another interactive option for little learners! Engaging, interactive board books specially designed for very young children. Full of vivid colors and stylish illustrations. The simple sliders on each page are perfect for developing essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination and allow for lots of surprises along the way!

Baby’s First Black & White Library: I love this as a baby shower gift and the price is amazing for a little boxed set! The high-contrast designs captivate young babies and help stimulate and develop visual awareness.

Picture Books

Where Happiness Lives, with a message that is as relevant for adults as it is for children this could very easily be my favorite Usborne Books & More book. Adorably illustrated with some fun page features (like flaps & cut-outs!) this one is a must for every home library + makes a wonderful gift too!

Extraorxdinary, one of our newest titles that focuses on the simpler things in life & celebrating time spent together, with friends & family. This one is beautiful.

I’m Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark, this book teaches us that the dark is all how we perceive it & that only when it’s dark can we see some of the best things in life. Tons of laser cutouts & modern illustrations make this book even more magical too.

The Big Race, this one teaches us that it’s not just about winning but persevering & going for things that seem out of reach.

Room on Our Rock, read this one forward & then backward for two different perspectives, such a brilliant approach to a book & a fantastic message!

Another Book About Bears, this silly book is a household favorite but I love it for the introduction to unique animals + sophisticated vocab! Another fun way to learn about other animals too!

Upside Down Sid, Hudson cannot get enough of this story! I love the sweet story about relationships & helping others out, even if things are upside down!

I’m A Dirty Dinosaur, A favorite around our home! In this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud! A celebration of messiness and an irresistible read-aloud!

Dragon Post, this cute story features 5 letters to open & read along with the book. Anything by Emma Yarlett is a WIN in our house, she’s the mastermind behind the beloved Nibbles too!

Lights-Out Leonard, this book helps Hudson work through his fears of the night— with a step-by-step guide for How to Frighten Monsters.

Luna Loves Art & Luna Loves Library Day, Luna is one of our favorite fictional characters & these books are some of my favorite illustrations. I also love that Luna comes from a family structure that is under-represented in children’s books.

Boy, featuring a child with hearing loss who uses his hands (called his “dancing hands” in the book) to help work through the conflict infiltrating his village.


Shine-A-Light, you’ve never seen a book like this! Hold a light behind the pages to reveal hidden insights & there is so much to learn! I am thinking of getting the Secrets of our EarthAt the Hospital, and On the Farm next!

My First Encyclopedia, I loooove reading this book Hudson (age 5) because I always learn something new & he loves to pull it out & read it independently. It is full of incredible content for little ones!

Peek Inside, this series offers engaging content to young learners— with flaps & peek-through slots that help the pages come alive it doesn’t get much more interactive than this! We love Bug Homes, A Beehive , How a Plane Works.

Little Lift and Look, ahhh this series is so impressive to me— perfect for babies & toddlers & despite its tiny size it’s got so much to offer— with sophisticated vocabulary on every page!

100 Things, my husband & I have so much fun paging through these books, there are so many FASCINATING things to learn. Makes great reading material you can pick up & put down in small spurts.

Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions & Answers and Lift-the-Flap First Questions & Answers, this series answers alllll the questions little ones have about big topics, with flaps that make it all the more fun. A few of our faves are What’s a Potty For?, How Do Flowers Grow? and What are Stars?

Activity Books

Sticker books, A crowd pleaser! Hudson can play with these for hours & they make a great activity for travel! We have SO MANY options I’m sure you can find a favorite interest of your child. Hudson favors anything dinosaurs, oceans & things that go!

Laundry Day Sort & Play, such a fun book AND even better, a fun book that reinforces learning concepts + creativity. We also love I Can Do It, with step-by-step illustrated instructions, designed to teach children how to tie their shoelaces, button their clothes, and more.

Magic Painting, all you need is water & the images come to life! These are the best books for an activity in a pinch, a party favor, or when you just need some quiet time (for adults too!).

Little Coloring, these coloring books are specifically designed for emerging colorers with simple bold outlined images & featuring familiar favorites of young children.

Wipe-Clean, we looooove our wipe-clean books & they can be used over & over again!

Busy Books, these books are incredible, they feature a pull-back toy + track on the pages & questions to help your child engage with the content. Such a clever concept for a book!

Matching Game— our matching game sets include TWO ways to play & incredibly durable boards + cards. Right now we are all about the dinosaur one!

Many Others

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales, in our house everything Poppy & Sam is a major fave & this collection takes the cake. We listen to the CD in the car OFTEN especially on trips! I adore moments reading these stories with our family.

The Unworry Book, loaded with strategies to help ease worries & anxious thoughts this book packs a toolkit of support, I keep a copy for myself & share the strategies with my family.

Reuseable Sticker Books, books like All Better! & Time to Brush give children opportunities to engage in a new way with a book. We are also big fans of Little Bear Needs Glasses, Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night!, Good as New.

Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls, a collection of stories that belong on every child’s bookshelf, boys & girls alike!

Puzzles, these books + puzzle combos are always helpful to have on hand!

This is Frog, This is Owl, This is Crab, we LOVE these books, they are SUPER interactive & playful + support children with following directions & non-fiction concepts!

Thank you so much for any & all support of my small business. As an Usborne Books & More consultant, I earn commission on all sales generated through my shopping links which I use to support my family. If you are interested in becoming an Usborne Books & More consultant & joining the mission to deliver educational excellence through books check out my FAQs or shoot me an email to learn more.

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Our Families Favorite Usborne Books & More books


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