Our Dining Room Design Plans



When we were in escrow I found myself having to make quite a few decisions! One space that I was continually struggling with was our dining room! I didn’t want it to be too farmhouse and I like touches of modern so when I started to compile inspo on my pinterest board, It finally came to me!

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When I came across this muted vintage inspired rug, I was so excited to build upon that! Our dining space is a large area with lots of windows that light pours into. With the windows open, It looks out into our backyard and kinda makes you feel like you’re enjoying patio dining but inside!

I had picked out a few black pieces so to soften the space, I chose a lighter wood table, with black spool chairs. I originally ordered 6 black chairs but two arrived broken so I used 2 natural canvas stools for the end seats of the table. It actually worked out perfectly! I originally wanted a Studio McGee table but couldn’t justify the price tag. Especially since we have a young child and plan to have more, we knew the table would get a lot of use and I didn’t want to worry about the table. I found an almost IDENTICAL table at a fraction of the cost (less than $700!) and I was so proud of my savings! I also brought in a faux olive tree to add a little color and life. I put it in a basket to add a little appeal.

We found out that the rectangle black light fixture we originally wanted wouldn’t work because we have slanted vaulted ceilings. Our contractor suggested a pendent light. I was so set on my rectangle light it took me a while to find an alternative! I decided on this one from west Elm. One day we would love to add faux exposed beams and I feel like the pendent light I chose would compliment the beams well!

Ultimately, we wanted this space to be inviting, and family dinner friendly as we plan to use it as much as we can! Next week I’ll share the sideboard set up that I’m so excited about! The studio Mcgee Sideboard is being delivered Monday. YAY!

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Our Dining Room Design Plans


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