My all Time Favorite Charcoal Mask and who Should use it



If you haven’t tried a charcoal mask you, what are you waiting for?! I feel like this is THE mask to get you into masking on a weekly basis. Charcoal masks help clear up your skin! I’ve tried several and wanted to share my reviews on my favorite.

Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask

I will say this, if you have DRY skin, I honestly wouldn’t recommend a charcoal mask. I would instead, recommend a restorative mask that helps in hydration and maybe adding in a hydrating oils. I currently have dry skin (pregnancy hormones!) but I’m using the charcoal mask as a blemish spot treatment that works WONDERFULLY! My normal skin type is combination (oily in my t-zone) and I swear this charcoal mask is my secret weapon to help clear up my skin!

Charcoal masks are more ideal for people with oily and congested skin. Even if you’re super oily, I wouldn’t use this mask more than once a week. It can throw the balance of your natural oils off and cause more problems than excess oil. Do a weekly mask, with one mask only, and call it a day (or night).

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My all Time Favorite Charcoal Mask and who Should use it


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