Modern Pantry Organization with Everwell and Co.



It’s probably no surprise that I’m all about organization and adding the layer of storage being aestetically pleasing is basically my love language.

When I started to organize our pantry I loved having specific bins to sort food and spices but I wanted to have labels so I knew what was where. I didn’t want just any old label so I created sets of modern pantry labels that are sure to give your pantry that wow factor!

I made a list of all the food storage labels I would need and then found these BEAUTIFUL Pantry labels and Spice Labels on Etsy from Everwell and Co. They even have matching spice labels that are modern and simple that compliment the pantry labels. These labels are water and oil proof that are perfect for kitchen spills. They are easy to apply and fit most jars perfectly! I purchased these glass jars with wooden lids.

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Modern Pantry Organization with Everwell and Co.


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