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In our upstairs landing we have a huge linen closet. It was one of my favorite parts of our home when we walked through. I mean, I’m the organization queen. I love when everything has a home and can be easily accessible. We are pretty minimalistic around here, as you probably know, so there are a couple bins that are actually empty. I didn’t feel the need to fill a basket just to fill it. The closet holds all. the. things.

I rounded up my bins at the container store. A few of them were from our old house’s bedroom closets and kitchen. Our current master closet has a built in organization system so those bins I was able to use in the linen closet. YAY!

I also got the labels from the container store and used a wet/dry pen to label them. Easy to wipe and re-label if I need to!

The upper open bins store items I’m gifted by brands, travel items, steamer and iron, gift wrapping…

Second shelf includes wellness item, 3 lazy susans hold pharmacy items and first aid. I love how they spin and are clear for easy eye-balling items quickly.

Third shelf includes open baskets that we put towels and extra linen’s in.

Fourth shelf include bins that have lids. I prefer these for cords and batteries, essential oils, candles and decor, calligraphy supplies and art supplies.

The bottom open bins are for paper towels and toilet paper. Easily accessible.

A simple set up to keep everything in it’s place!

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Linen Closet Organization


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