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There are many benefits to children engaging with lift-the-flap books, and I wanted to share those below! So, how do we support children with enjoying flap books without tearing them apart? I’m sharing some helpful tips below!

Benefits of Lift-the-Flaps:

  • Interactive: At any age flaps can be hard to resist, they naturally draw children (& adults ) in & foster physical engagement with a book.
  • Exciting: Discovering what is hidden under a flap can elicit a range of emotional experiences adding another layer of joy & excitement to the reading process.
  • Predictions: Flaps can enable children to make predictions as to what may be hidden under a flap in a story.
  • Language & Conversation: Flaps can be yet another catalyst in a book to discuss & engage in dialogue which supports children’s language & literacy development.

How do I support my child’s use of books with flaps? First & foremost they need practice, some books are designed to be more durable than others for young children still learning how to handle flaps so opt for those if you can when just starting out. The more practice children have, the better! Teach your children how to lift flaps, use words like “gentle” or phrases like “open & close” to set them up for success. If a tear happens, don’t freak out! Use the opportunity to involve your child in the repair of the book with a little bit of tape. Until you are confident in your child’s independence with lift-the-flap books you may want to read them together so that your support can help them build their skill. Over time, they will learn how to handle flaps & enjoy them on their own thanks to your consistent guidance.

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Interactive Books Children Love


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