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So, you want to be a book lady with me? You’re in the right spot! It’s been a year since I joined Usborne Books & More as a sales consultant and the past few months I’ve really focused on growing my business and team. It’s been such a fun and rewarding experience not only getting to discover tons of amazing new books with my children but getting these books into the hands of other mamas, building new friendships and contributing financially to our family!

To me, books not only entertain us, they provide us with a wider view of the world. They teach us about things we might otherwise have never known about, help us develop empathy and perspective beyond our limited scope, and they play a key role in our own language development — a tool that we will always navigate life with.

As an Usborne Books & More consultant, I have loved leading a team of people who find joy in children’s books AND helping other families build their home libraries. There are so many benefits to becoming a UBAM consultant (25%+ commission on all sales, zero monthly sales minimum or requirements, opportunities to earn free books and free vacations even) but perhaps one of the most amazing parts about this experience is working with my team. Being an Usborne Books & More consultant is truly what you make of it depending on your personal goals and aspirations!

So, how does it work?

Here are the details…

When you join my team as a consultant, you are never alone. My goal is to support each of my team members with their individual goals. For some, that’s as simple as building their home library for free or discounted prices; for several, it’s extra income each month; and for others, it’s dreaming as big as earning a 6-figure income for their family.

Whatever your goals are, I’ll be your number one fan — cheering you on, problem solving alongside you, and sharing all of my knowledge and tried-and-true tips to help you succeed. I genuinely want others to experience the same joy I’ve experienced in this exciting journey and to promote literacy as a team. Questions? Just holler or check out my FAQ’s for more insight.

In short… this experience will offer you 25% commission on all of your book sales, the opportunity to earn lots of free children’s books for yourself and no pressure with sales minimums or requirements. Yep, that’s right, you don’t have to hold inventory, hit any sales quotas or have any pressure to sell. Being an Usborne Books & More consultant is truly what you make of it depending on your personal goals and aspirations!

For more info on earning free books for your family by hosting a book party check out the info here !

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Join My Usborne Books & More Team!


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