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You know I love children’s books so it seemed like a match made in heaven to become a consultant for Usborne books and more. I’m thrilled to be helping promote early literacy and helping families get books into their homes for their children.

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So…. you want to know more? About how you can earn FREE books too? Hosting a virtual party is the easiest, no-commitment way to earn free books to build your home library. Our family loves our (growing) home library! What I love about Usborne is that that these books are educational, interactive and beautifully made. The photos online really do not do them justice! So, here are the details for hosting a book bash party!


A “book party” is a gathering of people (typically on a virtual platform) who get to learn about the features & benefits of Usborne Books & More books from me! A host who partners with me for a book party will earn free books based on the sales earned from the party and help other families learn about books that will benefit and engage their children. Win, win!


Well, we work together to help spread the word about how amazing Usborne Books & More books are through a VIRTUAL “e-party”. Yes, picture yourself on the couch, in your PJs, wearing a face mask, and sipping some wine after the kids are in bed as you share a love of amazing children’s books with your pals. Your role is to invite the guests in a personal way (I’ll send you the details on just how to do that but just know, it’s pretty easy!) and get friends excited about the event. Before the party, I set up a private Facebook Group/ Instagram and get everything organized. I do all the “work” of the event and you just get your people pumped up!

Before your party, I create custom wish lists for your guests to help them narrow down some book options that will be perfect for their unique kiddos. During the event (it’s about 40 minutes long) I will share 10 posts highlighting Usborne Books & More and what they provide and offer. These are really fun posts with lots of pictures and tons of literacy tips. I run the show, you like and comment on different posts (silly gifs encouraged!) There is NO video or recording – no one can actually see each other. So, yes! they can wear their self care face mask and dip out early if their baby starts crying and no one will know. (This is the biggest misconception about “live” parties. I get it. No one wants to be on camera after a long day of mothering.) As a former educator, I like to be interactive with the whole shebang and as a mother, I like to ensure everyone’s valuable time is worthwhile. I also offer a giveaway to your guests just for joining in on the fun. The virtual parties are really exciting considering everyone is on their own couch at home in their comfy clothes. That’s when we’re all having the most fun, let’s be honest …

Leading up to the event, my priority is to ensure that you have a successful party so you get as many free books as possible – it’s truly a partnership. Several hosts have earned over $100-$250 in free books! Some attendees may not purchase on party night. That’s okay! Your event will be “live” for a few days to give people a chance to process the info and purchase if they would like to. My goal is to promote literacy and help families learn about awesome books for their kids – all while you earn awesome books for your own family. The whole experience is very low-key and yes, fun! There is never any pressure to buy or join – just us sharing our love of good books for our little ones. My goal is to promote literacy and help you grow your home library for free! How does that sound?

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How to Host a Book Party


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