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“How can I get my kids interested in reading?” A question I get asked frequently and a question I love! The quick answer? Put books out in all areas of your home for daily interaction!

You know that saying “there’s an app for that” well, there is probably a book too. Saturday night my bestie was telling Hudson about which state her parents live in, which of course he had all kinds of questions about. We pulled out a book and started exploring the states in the US. I’m always so amazed at his interest in learning more and no joke, he taught us a few things too. That’s what books can do!

Books nurture interests, they help give answers to questions and can create space for imagination. In our home we often pair games, toys and such with books because they can go hand in hand. If you are wanting to encourage more reading in your home start with your child’s interests.

What are they “into” right now? Find a book that matches their interests. Hudson LOVES animals, cars/trucks and dinosaurs so we found books about different animals (a fave is 1,000 animals) to learn more about the animal, where they typically live, their strengths and weakness etc. When children feel confident in finding ways to learn they are more eager to want to learn. Nurturing their interests with books can also be a playful way to get children excited about reading. Hudson goes to the Zoo weekly and we love to pull out our animal book and “find” the animals he saw that day at the zoo. And then we might ask questions like “find an animal that has horns”, “find an animal that has stripes” — and have him point to the answer on the book. Asking age appropriate questions can make it fun!

Is there something they your child is learning at school that they are having trouble with? Could you bring out books as an extra resource for a subject or trouble area? We are currently working on Rhyming words with Hudson and we have been reading books that have rhyming words to help connect those dots and help him learn this skill. A few current favorites for rhyming are Dog, Dog The Hungry Dinosaur and Armadillo on a Pillow.

Maybe you’re looking for a good bedtime book, let them help pick it out. This gets them exited to want to read when they get to help choose their book and make books part of their daily routines.

We have a book basket out in our main living area and I rotate the books out each week. Sometimes I’ll put Activity Books that Hudson knows he can do with me or his Dads help (some require markers, crayons, scissors etc.) It’s an easy way to keep books out for easy access when little ones get “bored” or are wanting an activity to do.

If you have more questions or would like book suggestions I’d love to help guide you! Click here: Book Recommendation Form

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How to Encourage Your Child to Read


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