Four Simple Ways to get Organized Right Now



After the year we have all had, I think we can agree that taking a deep breath and simplifying life sounds great right about now…

The fresh start of a year usually ushers in the desire to simplify in my life. Starting fresh and minimal has been my focus for the New Year and I wanted to share 4 simple ways to get organized right now!

  • Ditch the overwhelm. There are probably lots of “things” taking up residence in your mind. Resolutions, ideas, things you wish you did last year, etc. The feeling of falling short is not lost on me. I can quickly turn rest into the thought that I’m not “doing enough” and I’m her to tell you STOP. I like to take inventory of those feelings that are overwhelming me. When I write them down on paper I can clearly see the things that are actual priorities over the things that I’m doing to want to please others, or to keep busy etc. I find this is a way to really visually see my “overwhelm” on paper and I’m able to dismiss those feelings and thoughts to simplify my life!
  • Prioritize and Organize Your To-Do List. I’m not here to tell you to make a huge list of “things to do” that would negate the above step with ditching overwhelm! But, I find that when I can clearly get my goals and to-do’s down on paper I’m able to prioritize, ask for help or simple complete daily tasks. I’m a huge fan of journals to keep notes. This is also an amazing way to see what your day to day can look like. When I look at my to-do’s and see 12 items for a Monday, chances are I’m setting myself up to fail. It’s also a great way to communicate with your partner for help. I’m guilty of “taking it all on” when I should communicate with Lee and ask for help! I’m not superwoman, and I don’t need to be!
  • Breakdown the Calendar. Let me guess, if I asked you how many activities, projects, extra curricula’s in life you could probably name a few, maybe even more depending on how many children you have! I get it, last year was Hudsons first year actually needing a “schedule” and I’m sure as he gets older and he finds his interests our calendar might just get fuller. And with a baby on the way, that is another layer of planning a calendar. So, how can we simplify our calendars? Evaluate what your “yes’s” are and as a family decide how you want to spend your time. Give children options and discuss the commitment and time commitment. Decide what to let go of and what to commit to. just because you have 40 hours a week doesn’t mean every evening has to be for “something” on the calendar. TIP: Plan for appointments. For monthly standing appointments or monthly appointments we have, I set aside an hour or so to schedule them out for the month. I typically do this on a weekday, and schedule the appointments on the calendar so I can work other things around the monthly apps. This could be groomers for your pets, your hair appointments, dropping off donations, your husbands car oil change, etc. Setting aside a block of time all at once to schedule these appointments creates less time throughout the month begging your hair stylist for a last minute appointment. You might have the occasional pop up appointments like an emergency dentist app, but at least the others will be planned out!
  • Get rid of the clutter. Okay, I know this is a bit cliche, but if you don’t plan for it, will it happen? I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when I think about simplifying our home with all the rooms, the garage and closets… that sounds like a full time job. Instead, I go room by room and schedule it out. The same strategy I have for each room/closet is to have 3 bins. 1 for donations, 1 for relocating and 1 for items to sell. This way I have clear guidelines for how I approach the room. Relocating means, if I want to move a lamp, I make sure I have a new home for it, or I’ll add it to the donate bin. If I find that I’m getting bored or frustrated, I’ll take a 5 minute break but know I will come back to the task to complete it. Oh, and I always have music on! At the end of the month when I’ve gone through the house, I know I have an appointment to donate the items from our home (I scheduled this pick up or drop off time when I scheduled my appointments for the month.) You will be amazed how many things you needed to get out, and I promise you will feel so much lighter and accomplished when you’re done.

I hope these tips were helpful?? I’d love to hear your organization tips below.




Four Simple Ways to get Organized Right Now


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