DIY Welcome Mat you can Make at Home



Friend, come as you are. No really, imagine I’m standing at the door with my arms wide open waiting for you. This space on the internet? Yeah, I want you to make yourself at home, grab a donut, pour yourself something tasty, and feel loved and accepted in whatever shape you’re in.

Whether you have some BIG wins you want to celebrate or failures you need to talk through, I’m on the couch with a la croix in my hand ready to hash it all out with you. That’s the truth.The last thing we need is feeling like we need to put on our masks. No one has it figured out, no one has “made it.” I want to know you – the real you, the you that you are when no one is watching. You are seen, heard, and welcome here, no matter what state you’re in. That’s what true community is and I’m thankful you’re here.

That was the heart behind my message on my Welcome Mat! Today I’m sharing how you can make your own DIY Welcome Mat. You just need a blank outdoor mat, alphabet stencils, a thin paint brush, painters tape and outdoor paint.

First things first, decide what you would like on your mat. Pull out the letters you will need (don’t worry about duplicate letters, you can move the stencils as needed!) Once your letters are in place where you want them AND straight… tape the tops and bottoms of the stencils down with painters tape. You want them to be secure. (I still hold the stencil down with my other hand while I paint).

With the painting, less paint is more. Remember, you’re going to go back through with a thinner paintbrush to add in or touch up spots. Tip! When you move the stencils for duplicate letters, the paint on the stencils might still be wet, so be mindful when moving. You can finish it off with a “Outdoor Shield Spray” – I didn’t for this one and it’s held up super well!

What I used:

Blank Outdoor Mat | Alphabet Block Letters | Black Outdoor Paint

Painters Tape | Thin Paint Brushes




DIY Welcome Mat you can Make at Home


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