DIY Personalized Dried Floral Acrylic Boxes



DIY for these personalized dried floral acrylic boxes! ✨ I just adore them and was so excited to have them as a favor at my baby shower a few weeks back. Of course I made one for baby sis but I can’t show you because it has her name on it that’s a #secret that nobody knows. Except the barista at dutch bros because I swore her to secrecy in a moment of excitement & weakness. 😂

Sharing the DIY details below and I will include links at the bottom!

Snagged some dried floral bouquets from a local florist and took pieces apart to add to the boxes. This was so fun to be creative and create a mini dried display! I also saw some great options on Etsy for dried floral bouquets!

I ordered 16 acrylic boxes that are “photo cubes.” They slide apart on two sides and are easily secured! Super easy to build the dried floral flat bouquet on the open side and then I slid on the top! I used thread to the bottoms of the dried mini bouquets to keep them secure!

I used permanent white vinyl for the names. I printed the names on vinyl with my Cricut. I made sure to match the size of the name for the space on the acrylic box.

And that is it! Super simple DIY! i love the personal touch with the names and it’s such a cute keepsake!


They do take a bit of time as well as some patience but once you get everything into place I can 100% say that they are worth it.




DIY Personalized Dried Floral Acrylic Boxes


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