Construction Site Sensory Bin with Kinetic Sand



We’re big fans of Kinetic Sand and paired with our Village gathre mat Hudson will play for hours!

This is a really simple way to make an activity more enjoyable for your little ones! I’ve learned that giving Hudson an open-ended activity with kinetic sand drastically increases his time playing, and allows him to use his imagination and flex those thinking skills!!

Create space for your little ones imagination and sensory play. Sometimes I’ll add small rocks to “dig up” and thats always a hit!

Of course these activities bring up questions and Hudson becomes curious which leads to books! I’ll bring out his Lift the Flap Construction Site Book and Big Book of Big Machines Book and thats added fun to learn more about trucks and machines and what they can do!

How to set up your own Construction Site Sensory Bin

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Construction Site Sensory Bin with Kinetic Sand


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