Enhancing the details of your love with beautiful lettering


I believe marriage is a covenant between two souls who wholeheartedly love each other. It’s something unique. When you find that person who makes your heart sing, hold onto that person. People strive for that feeling, and you have it! With my organic calligraphy, I can capture your love on anything, especially paper. Imagine holding beautiful custom invitations in your hands to give to your close friends and family. Imagine the light in your future children’s eyes when you show them tangible keepsakes, like handwritten vows, from your wedding. A custom script for your wedding day and reception not only sets the mood for the events, but it also shows how much love and care you have for your soulmate. Trust me to make that day special, just like you, with my calligraphy.


Calligraphy is truly an art. It will never be perfect, and that’s okay. Perfection isn’t real. A marriage is real. Each marriage has its own quirks and is completely unique, and calligraphy is the same way. You may select one style of calligraphy as your go-to style, but it will always have variations. Let my calligraphy—whether in the form of invitations, place cards, or handwritten vows—be a reminder that your love is truly its own and will never be like anyone else’s.

Paper Details

I have always had a love of paper. It’s something you see everyday, but it is the basis of so many beautiful things. Your marriage license is on paper, your child’s birth certificate will be on paper, and I can provide custom paper details for your wedding or reception. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such importance in our lives.

Hand Lettered Signage

Creating signage for weddings is one of my favorite things! A large “Welcome” sign always impresses guests. I like to create signs that are perfect for the event and can be taken home to display in your new nest.


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Above Photos by Stella Kelsie Photography

Above Photos by Stella Kelsie Photography


Let me help you create the beautiful details that make your wedding or event a dream come true! 


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