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We knew we wanted H’s room to double as a guest room. It has a bathroom connected to the bedroom and gives privacy on the first floor. When designing his room, I wanted a neutral pallet with darker tones – basically just a clean space that he could grow with. Nothing too bright or flashy or too young.

When I came across this Dog Life wallpaper I just KNEW I had to use it and his bedroom was the perfect place for an accent wall.

We opted to put up the paper on the wall where his headboard would go. The wallpaper has flecks of gold and silver metallic and it’s the cutest! We felt like having one accent wall with the dogs was plenty, we didn’t want it to be overwhelming! I ordered 4 rolls to cover my bases. (Side note: We didn’t have measurements of the room until we moved, so I guessed. We ended up only needing 2 rolls.) His walls have texture to them, so we had to use joint compound to layer the wall and make it smooth. We used a sanding block to sand off any spots of texture and washed it twice to get the dust off. The final step was priming the wall before we had the wallpaper installed.

For the furniture, I went with an olive green dresser that has plenty of space and a black metal bed frame that complimented the black tones on the wallpaper. On the opposite wall of the bed we put up 2 shelves for books.

In one of the bedroom corners, we created a play area for his books and play treehouse. We wanted to keep the toys minimal in his bedroom, so the majority of his toys are in the playroom. It has been working out well!

I’m so happy with how this space has turned out!

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Boys Bedroom Design


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