Alphabet & Number Book’s to add to your Library for fun Learning



I just snagged a few more alphabet and number books to add to our home library. We love having these resources at our finger tips as Hudson learns to read and spell! I added a couple wipe-and-clean letter activity books and they are PERFECT for practicing. Anytime I pull these books out Hudson races to the table, no joke. I was sharing some of them on my IG stories and he was grabbing them as I was sharing them! I love it! Also great for Summer time so children can keep up with their learned skills and not get into a Summer slump. I imagine I’ll pull a few out to help Hudson keep up with muscle memory (writing) and spelling out words. Another fun way we use the alphabet books (specifically the Big Book of ABC) is a fun “eye spy” game. I’ll flip to a letter and ask Hudson to find things that correlate to that letter making it a fun game!

  • Fingertrail ABC – we love these books that little ones trace with their finger. This book comes in uppercase letters and lowercase letters! We like to pair these books with playdough or a sand tray for tracing. So many options for hands on learning!
  • Big Book of ABC – A favorite in our home. large pages that are thick and durable for little hands to enjoy! Younger children around 2 years old will enjoy looking at the familiar objects in the book and learning new concepts, while introducing letters. 3-4 year olds who are learning letters and letter sounds are able to easily categorize things that begin with a specific letter independently by looking at the pages. The colorful illustrations are a hit too!
  • Alfie and Bets ABC Pop-up Book – Alfie and Bet are on a quest to discover the letter they like the best … but they just can’t seem to agree. With colorful characters, pop-ups on every page, a repeating panel with both upper and lowercase letters throughout and tons of alliterative enthusiasm, A pop-up alphabet adventure little ones won’t want to put down! (And they’ll learn their letters, too!)
  • Wipe Clean – Our favorite wipe-clean books designed for pre-K + Kindergarten kiddos, wipe ‘em clean for endless use! We love Wipe-Clean Alphabet, Wipe-Clean Lowercase Letters, Wipe-Clean Capital Letters, Wipe-Clean Common Words. What we love most about the wipe-clean pages is that they provide lots of opportunities to practice as children can return to each topic again and again. A fun and engaging way for little ones to learn and develop essential skills, and each book comes with a wipe-clean pen.
  • Nibbles: Numbers – Look out! Nibbles the book monster has munched his way through this book of numbers! Count along with him as he chomps his way from one to ten… but wherever will he go next?
  • Dotty and Dash’s 123 – Join Dotty and Dash as they race through the pages, discovering numbers galore in this colorful pop-up extravaganza! A pop-up number adventure little ones won’t want to put down! (And they’ll learn their numbers, too!)
  • The Big Book of Numbers – A number book like no other, introducing children to the significance of different numbers and the things they are associated with. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts, every snowflake has six points and giraffes have seven bones in their necks. Find out about numerous facts with this brightly illustrated picture book!
  • The Big Book of Colors – A large, sturdy board book introducing all the colors of the rainbow and their many variations, with lots of color vocabulary such as turquoise, magenta and vermilion, and color descriptions such as navy, lime and rose. The acetate page shows how colors mix and change when combined with others.

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Alphabet & Number Book’s to add to your Library for fun Learning


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