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We’ve been in our new home for almost a year now! When we moved in we had very different plans with where we thought things would go – including who would be in which bedroom. We moved a few bedrooms around a few weeks ago (don’t recommend that while 7 months pregnant, but it had to be done.) With that, we recognized we needed some additional storage downstairs. We have been using this large closet as kind of a dump zone. It housed things we didn’t have designated spots for, and things we don’t use regularly – clearly this space could be used in a much better way! So my husband cleaned it out and we transformed this space for our Activity & Craft Closet Organization. The wire shelves were installed by the previous owners which a great to start with!

The breakdown…

The top shelf – Houses some of our books, we keep a book basket out in our living space and keep more here for easy reference and use. On the far right we have basket for activity books. We encourage Hudson to use the activity books with an adult. Mainly because it involved scissors, markers etc. We set him up at the table and let him create.

The second shelf – Houses, you guessed it, more books – I try to keep the same “type” of books together in groups (lift the flap books together, first questions and answers together etc.) I bookend them with our set of wipe-clean alphabet and number cards and our sets of puzzles with books.

The third shelf – Has 3 baskets. The first has letter puzzles, shape activities, pattern puzzles, magnet math numbers etc. I’ve put each of them into these zip pouches to really optimize our space. (The wooden boxes and containers the puzzles come in are bulky and take up quite a bit of space.) I took it one step further and labeled each bag for easy grab and go access so we know whats in each bag. The second basket has puzzles and games and the third basket house play dough and cookie cutters and play dough tools.

Zip Pouches: Various Size Set, Medium Pouches, Large Pouches

The bottom shelf – Has 3 baskets, the first has craft supplies in zip pouches (pom-poms, dot dot markers, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, etc) and the second basket has the zip pouch bags with sensory bin fillers, (colorful rice, mini animals/sea creatures/dinos, a jar of our moon sand, and our resin letter sets! The closed bins with lids on the right side have paint supplies and school supplies. And of course our beloved flexible road set that is a fave in our home. (Easy to clean, unbreakable and weatherproof make Toy Road a keeper.)

Labeling – To keep all my hard work organized (insert lol) I added clip labels and used Everwell & Co. customizable labels. When I snapped the photo I was waiting on the clip labels and custom labels. Now that I have them on all the bins it helps keep things tidy and as Hudson learns to read he can help with clean up knowing where things go. Win-win 😉

I also chose to hang a few of our Gathre mats (the village with roads and our alphabet mats) for easy access. We use these mats ALL THE TIME. They pair wonderfully and easily with activities!

I’m often asked if we homeschool Hudson, and I laugh because we don’t but I probably could! After-all, I did go to school to be a Kindergarten teacher. Ironically, my Husband was homeschooled and enjoyed it and he also got his credential to teach multi-subject but alas, did not. But, maybe thats where our love for teaching comes from? I digress…

I hope this was a fun post, I actually had a really fun time organizing this! My husband joked that there are probably plenty of women who would do this (labels and all) but he said he would never. It’s super helpful for everything to have a home, especially with all the craft and activity stuff we have! If you enjoyed this, I’d be happy to share more organization and our activity resources. They have all been such a huge help while we have been home more!

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Activity & Craft Closet Organization


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